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金沙集团app学习网络(ILN) is the online website for discovering continuing education from across 金沙集团app. 

With hundreds of educational courses available—和更多的 added all the time—ILN offers the latest in continuing education in engineering, 技术, 和更多的. 你是否在寻求职业发展, 刷新你的技能, 或者只是好奇最新的趋势, ILN有你需要的内容. 主题包括5G, 智能电网, 可再生能源, 物联网(IoT), 专业技术人员英语, 和更多的.

另外, ILN 提供你的能力:

  • Easily search through 金沙集团app’s hundreds of educational offerings 
  • Bookmark a place within a course and return to it later 
  • Access a transcript of in-progress and completed courses 
  • Learn what's new in the world of continuing education at 金沙集团app 
  • Receive continuing education units (CEUs) or professional development hours (PDHs)
  • Earn digital certificates immediately that can be viewed and printed on demand 
  • Complete dynamic assessments to test knowledge of course content 
  • Participate in surveys/evaluations to provide feedback and recommendations for improvement 
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You do not need to be an 金沙集团app member to access ILN. However, you will need an 金沙集团app Account to take or purchase a course. If you do not already have your own 金沙集团app Account, it's free and quick to 创建一个

If you have any questions or issues with the platform. 请 请阅读ILN用户指南

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