New 金沙集团app Volunteer Expense Reimbursement System (Concur)—see details

As part of an effort to carve out a well-deserved space in the 金沙集团app digital presence for volunteers, 每个大董事会都有一个专门的空间, with cross-linkages to other volunteer-only content across the organization. In this new space, you will find the content you need to access for your work as an 金沙集团app volunteer. This includes meetings, agendas, resources, and other crucial information related to your role.

Benefits of this change include:

  • Flexibility to pilot new ideas, innovate, personalize and evolve the volunteer web presence
  • A robust search to find and access content across each Board, crawling all volunteer content
  • Removal of clutter and unrelated content, creating a dedicated space for volunteers
  • Role-based access to shared resources across several Boards, 将志愿者资源集中在一站式服务中

General resources that pertain to most 金沙集团app volunteer roles, 以及到其他资源集合的链接, are on this page.


重要的是,那些代表金沙集团app行事的人, both volunteers and staff, are aware of 金沙集团app's legal obligations and requirements under applicable law.  Updated compliance learning has been designed to help you understand those requirements and provide you with the information you need to act in 金沙集团app's best interest and be compliant with our legal obligations. This compliance learning is required for certain volunteer leadership positions.

To provide you with information on this improved compliance learning, the 金沙集团app Legal & Compliance team has developed the below information which will help to explain why it is necessary, who is required to take it and how you can access the 金沙集团app Volunteer Compliance Training Site.